The “I hung up on Warren Buffett” Podcast by Wolfpack Research
Episode 4 - Sir Toshi Defender of Bitcoin

Episode 4 - Sir Toshi Defender of Bitcoin

November 25, 2020

On this episode, Dan and the Pack start to explore the world of cryptocurrency with well-known Bitcoin SV advocate Sir Toshi-Defender of Bitcoin.
The Pack and Sir Toshi discuss the origin of Bitcoin, some of the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain,  and Sir Toshi drops his theory as to who he thinks Satoshi Nakamoto is.
This is the first conversation in what will become a series of ongoing discussions as the Wolfpack begins to dig into all things crypto.

2:50 - Why Sir Toshi chooses to be pseudonymous, his theory on the true identity of “Satoshi Nakamoto,” and how Bitcoin contains value.

13:49 - How Satoshi Nakamoto allowed Bitcoin to build credibility through neutral growth and the Winklevoss twins’ giant stake in Bitcoin.

28:25 - How blockchain remains independent by decentralizing the point of authority.

31:14 - Sir Toshi’s belief in the future of Bitcoin, the benefits of decentralized currency, and how miners both compete and work together to maintain the network.

50:42 - The rise of blockchain in corporations and the internet, and the concern over data that can never be deleted.

56:27 - The rise of “fake” Bitcoins.

Episode 3 - Soren Aandahl

Episode 3 - Soren Aandahl

November 9, 2020

In this episode, Dan and The Pack visit with a friend of the show - Soren Aandahl from Blue Orca Capital.

Soren goes in depth about his family history, their missionary work in Asia, and how that experience contributed to his success as a short activist overseas. Soren talks about how his time at Harvard Law School led to an apprenticeship where he witnessed the Enron bankruptcy first-hand.

Soren tells us about his transition from law to finance, the origin story of Glaucus Research Group, and the move to his current firm, Blue Orca Capital. Finally, the former Kirkland & Ellis attorney shares some valuable lessons on contract negotiation.

Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy a conversation with Dan and The Pack as they go inside the world of the seldom interviewed short activist, Soren Aandahl.

4:08 - Soren’s global upbringing, his time in Canada, the U.S., and his deep familial connection with Asia.

15:45 - Soren talks about his time at Harvard Law School and how an apprenticeship got him a front-row seat to the legal aftermath of Enron's collapse.

33:40 - Getting the “last job on Wall St.” before the financial crisis and working insane hours during in his first year at Kirkland & Ellis.

50:50 – Soren's transition from law to finance, without any previous finance experience.

56:20 – Starting Glaucus Research Group and the story behind the name.

1:02:35 – Shorting China-based U.S listed companies and the legal “gray areas” that exist between the U.S. and China.

1:23:30 - Common misconceptions about short sellers, the grueling due diligence process Dan and Soren go through to protect investors, and the flaws of sell-side analysts and auditors.

1:47:30 - Who the top writers in the activist short space are and what differentiates their work from others.

1:52:40 - Dan and Soren’s tips for highly sensitive contract negotiations.

Wolfpack Research - Election Special - The Pack Predicts 2020

Wolfpack Research - Election Special - The Pack Predicts 2020

November 1, 2020
The 2020 Presidential Election special from the “I hung up on Warren Buffett” podcast. From the Friday before, The Wolfpack gives predictions on the election, social unrest, and market reactions.
Episode 2 - Jon Carnes

Episode 2 - Jon Carnes

October 22, 2020

This week Dan and The Pack share drinks and stories with our friend Jon Carnes - the man behind the infamous/famous “Alfred Little” pseudonym.

First anonymously, and then publishing under the pen name “Alfred Little,” Jon’s work was groundbreaking in uncovering China-fraud’s among global markets. While living in China, his work was not without peril, and he and his team quickly learned the deep human cost of exposing the truth.

Hear how Jon got started in finance as a kind of a boy-genius day trader who quickly became one of E*Trades largest customers, his days as a film producer (“The Wizard of Gore” 2007), and how an investment into a pharmacy led to one of his most significant discoveries – “The Cure,” a hangover remedy that has been trial-tested and approved by The Wolfpack.

Sit back and share a drink with Dan and The Pack as they knock one down with the fascinating, and seldom interviewed, Jon Carnes.


4:25 - What Jon’s been up to, micro and nano-caps, futures, and his addiction to value investing.  

16:20 - College days and his aversion to the efficient market theory.

23:16 - Turning $3,000 into $1.000,000 in his first few years.

26:00 - E*trade, commercials, and Super Bowls.

31:23 - Jon goes to China, falls in love with the country, and discovers his first fraud.

47:10 - Jon’s first short report – and its fallout.

54:25 - “Alfred Little” is born.

58:35 - Mines, movies, and more.

1:03:13 - “I.O.U.S.A.,” Warren Buffett, and predicting the 2008 market crash.

1:21:30 - “The Cure”

1:29:30 - Competition and collaboration exposing China Frauds.

1:35:50 - The “Ben Wey War” and “You’ve been served.”

1:42:20 - How the frauds defend their lies with shareholder money.

1:51:54  -The human cost of short activism.

1:54:12 - How cameras, chickens, and shopkeepers changed the due diligence game in China forever.

Episode 1 - Stephen K Bannon

Episode 1 - Stephen K Bannon

October 9, 2020

Dan and the Pack welcome to The Wolf Den the (sometimes) controversial, founding member of Breitbart News, former chief executive of the 2016 Trump Campaign, and host of the War Room podcast - Steve Bannon. 

Steve’s life has taken him on a remarkable and unexpected journey that he shares with us. In this free-flowing conversation, he goes in depth about his upbringing, his experiences, and what shaped his political views. Steve has been a part of some significant historical events and his behind the scenes stories are both surprising and informative. This conversation pulls back the curtain on the controversial political figure that many only know from the media.     

Entertaining, insightful, and revealing, this is a Steve Bannon that few have ever heard.


0:00:36 - Introduction 
0:03:36  - Start 
0:05:54 - Steve’s childhood,  early political influences, and the volatile environment in the 1960s. 
0:25:55 - Steve’s career in the Navy and his involvement with Operation Eagle Claw
0:49:23  - Discussing the Obama administration and influences on the modern geo-political environment.
1:02:20 - Transitioning from the Navy to Harvard and starting out at Goldman Sachs.
1:18:09 - Intellectual property, Climate change, and starting Bannon & Co.
1:26:16 - Steve’s  ownership in Seinfeld, adjusting to the life of Hollywood, and Weinergate
1:42:19  - The complete rundown of the Trump campaign
2:28:30 - How the current system is destroying the working class
2:42:22 - The unwinnable war in the middle east and the CCP’s business there.
2:49:20  - Infrastructure, the new forming republican party, and the challenges of forming a successful third party
2:56:30 - Bitcoin, investing in an overvalued stock market, the looming problem of debt
3:00:20 - Wikileaks, Steve’s arrest in August, big news coming forward.

Carson Block Joins Us to Discuss the Hindenburg Report on Nikola (NKLA)

Carson Block Joins Us to Discuss the Hindenburg Report on Nikola (NKLA)

September 13, 2020

This week The Pack is joined by special guest Carson Block to discuss the fallout from the Hindenburg Research Short Report.